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False ACS Charges

How and Why ACS Makes False Charges

In the words of one ACS workers " There is no penalty for wrongfully removing a child from the home". If you are an ACS worker and receive a complaint about a child being abused you have two options. First, you could conduct a full investigation and actually determine if a child is being abused or you can speak to the parent for 10 minutes, determine that the child is abused and demand that the parent enter parenting classes. The second option is obviously easier. It is much easier for an ACS worker to explain to their supervisors that they have found an abused child than it is to document and explain why the child is not abused. It is also less risky. If an ACS worker reports that a child is not abused, they are essentially stating that the family is a healthy unit. This simply takes too much work.

Thus, the vast majority of ACS investigations are quick interviews of the parent that are not recorded in any way, and are done in a way for the ACS worker to try and find something wrong with the family. This speaks to the great dysfunction that has a hold of this agency. Until, ACS properly pays, trains and supports its workers, children in need will continue to die and innocent parents will be hauled before judges to prove themselves innocent. The entire ACS system is designed to protect the jobs and livelihood of the ACS workers and their bosses. The health of the children of New York City is a distant second.

But you can fight back. If you receive a call or visit from an ACS worker politely explain that you want to speak to your attorney first. Expect to be threatened with court action and police visits. Stand firm on your rights and do not let them push you around.